The Gentle Hint of Smoke.

gentle hint

Buy Online The Gentle Hint of Smoke was made from two batches–a pale ale with a small amount of maple-smoked barley co-fermented with a foudre-aged golden ale with a slightly larger amount of local Garryana oak-smoked barley and then bottle conditioned with blackberry honey. ABV: 4.2% Bottled June 4, 2020 Hoppy Malty Tart Funky

The Spontaneous Ferment.

spontaneous razz

Buy The Spontaneous Ferment 2018 Blend Online Buy The Spontaneous Ferment: Raspberries Online The Spontaneous Ferment is our series of 100% spontaneously fermented beer inoculated overnight in our coolship onsite.  The Spontaneous Ferment: Raspberries. Our first fruited release in this series, this beer was brewed in winter 2018, refermented on Silva Family Farms raspberries in […]

The Subtle Blend Barrels.


Buy The Subtle Blend Cherries Online The Subtle Blend Barrels series is a celebration of some of the finer sides of Skagit Valley fruit. More delicate and nuanced than our Fruitful series but true to the flavors, both foraged and farmed. The Subtle Blend Cherries. ABV: 8.6% Packaged October 1, 2020 The Subtle Blend Italian […]

The Untended Bloom.

untended bloom

This mature, delicately balanced barrel-aged saison was created for Mount Vernon’s Tulip Town, the Northwest’s premier tulip farm.

The Whole Sum Parts.

the whole sum parts

Coming Soon! This beer, the combination of a barrel heavily dry-hopped with Ekuanot and three finished beers (a table beer, an English-style bitter, and a tart amber), is unlike any of the components on their own—and, some might even say, greater than the sum of its parts. Blended specially for the Denver Rare Beer Club […]

The Prime Barrel Age.

Prime v4

Buy 2nd Edition Online Buy 3rd Edition Online Buy 4th Edition Online Some of us get weird and sour with age. Some of us become more poised, well-rounded, and refined. This series of beer are carefully curated blends combines oak-aged beer from different batches, with an emphasis on balance, delicacy, and nuance. Fourth Edition notes: […]

The Patient Fish the Sea.

the patient fish the sea

buy online Patience is a virtue. Fish are scaly. The sea is the sea. This beer was made with patience (not fish, nor the sea). It’s a malty golden-amber blend of multiple batches of barrel-aged beer, inoculated with house-cultivated brettanomyces, and bottle-conditioned with honey. ABV: 5.8% Packaged November 14, 2018 hoppy malty Tart Funky

Our First Take Time.

our first take time

buy online Fermentation takes time, sometimes a very long time. This is the first beer we made at Garden Path, back in the spring of 2018. After extended aging, in oak and then in the bottle, we’re ready to share it with you as a time capsule of where our journey began.  ABV: 5.8% Packaged […]

The Old School the New.

the old school the new

Sold Out! Fresh, new ideas are great, but there’s also a lot we can learn from the past. Inspired by the first IPAs, the first edition of this beer incorporates a shipload of whole flower PNW Cascade and Willamette hops in our coolship, oak fermentation, and extended natural conditioning with honey. Second Edition ABV: 6.3% […]