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100% native yeast - hyperlocal ingredients - oak fermented

Located in the beautiful rural Skagit Valley in Northwest Washington, Garden Path Fermentation makes hyperlocal beer, mead, cider, and wine only using ingredients sourced from our own backyard. We exclusively use Skagit-grown grain, fruit and honey, Pacific Northwest hops, and ferment all of our products in oak with 100% native Skagit yeast.

Our process draws on old-world brewing and winemaking techniques from a variety of traditions, which we reinterpret and adapt to take maximum advantage of the Skagit Valley’s abundant resources and temperate climate.

Amber Watts & Ron Extract

Co-creators & Chiefs

Ron Extract and Amber Watts moved to Washington from Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas where Ron was a managing partner and Amber had a job with so many roles she could never quite figure out her title. Before Austin, Ron had spent close to twenty years in the industry as an importer, retailer, distributor, and brewer, and had studied brewing at Siebel. Amber was a media studies professor. They came to Washington in 2016 to build Garden Path Fermentation.

Shawn Vail

Production Lead

Renee Evans

Operations Lead

Cassie Henry

Organizational Czar

Robin Crandall

Agricultural Liaison & Bartender

Steven McCarragher

Bartender & Field Representative

Lina Luu

Bartender & resident woodworker

Emily NIchols


Banjo & Brigid

Brewery Dogs

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