The Curious Mix Methods.

Buy 4th Edition Online Not everything fits neatly in little boxes. This beer is part of our experimental series where we combine multiple fermentation methods, always including in the blend some beer that was spontaneously inoculated in our coolship and fermented in oak barrels. Fourth Edition ABV: 6.7% Packaged on January 13, 2021 Third Edition […]

The Strong Fruit Ale.

Buy Online Our take on a honey tripel, fermented with native yeast, barrel-aged, refermented with honey, foraged blackberries,and Skagit-grown Italian plums, and naturally conditioned with even more honey! ABV: 10% Packaged: September 16, 2020 hoppy malty Tart Funky

Press Release: Partnership with Vinea Imports

Garden Path Fermentation Begins New Distribution Partnership with Vinea Imports Garden Path Fermentation announces a new strategic distribution partnership with Seattle-based importer Vinea. Vinea works directly with small producers around the world to bring sustainable, natural yeast-driven and site-specific wine to the Northwest, and focuses on finding thoughtful and similarly minded retailers and restaurants to […]

Our First Take Time.

our first take time

buy online Fermentation takes time, sometimes a very long time. This is the first beer we made at Garden Path, back in the spring of 2018. After extended aging, in oak and then in the bottle, we’re ready to share it with you as a time capsule of where our journey began.  ABV: 5.8% Packaged […]

The Old School the New.

Buy The Barrel-Aged Edition Online Fresh, new ideas are great, but there’s also a lot we can learn from the past. Inspired by the first IPAs, the first edition of this beer incorporates a shipload of whole flower PNW Cascade and Willamette hops in our coolship, oak fermentation, and extended natural conditioning with honey. Barrel-Aged […]

The Little Horse Around.

the little horse around

Buy 3rd Edition Online! This is no dog and pony show; it’s just simple, well-balanced beer. The Little Horse Around series is oak-fermented, dry-hopped table beer, bottle-conditioned with honey. Third Edition notes: single batch dry-hopped with PNW Vanguard, Loral and Willamette. ABV: 3.7% Packaged December 18, 2019 Second Edition notes: dry-hopped with Saaz pellets. ABV: […]

The Fruitful Barrel.


Some fruit is sweet; some fruit is sour; this beer series is neither, just fruit-forward and beautiful. We carefully selected base beers to referment with fresh, local fruit, so as to capture the flavor and aroma of the fruit without any residual sweetness, and then blended to taste and bottle-conditioned with honey. The Fruitful Barrel […]

The Garden Paths Led to Flowered.

the garden paths led to flowered

Sold Out Bitter doesn’t have to mean harsh. This series is a tribute to our favorite dry, hoppy, profoundly yet delicately bitter ales of Belgium, fermented in an oversized foudre, dry-hopped with whole flower PNW hops, and bottle conditioned with honey. Fifth Edition notes: dry-hopped with whole flower PNW Loral, Palisade and Willamette.  ABV: 6.9% […]

The Easygoing Drink.

Buy the Coolship (Fifth) Edition Online Some beers are best enjoyed by the thimbleful. Others are simply meant to be enjoyed. This lightly tart, delicately hopped, ale is brewed with malted barley and wheat, along with a large portion of unmalted wheat and rye, foudre-fermented, and bottle-conditioned with honey. Coolship (Fifth) Edition ABV: 3.6% Packaged […]

The Dry Hopped Streams Well.

sold out It’s much nicer to hop a gentle stream than to have to ford a mighty river to reach what lies ahead. Beers in this series are hoppy, aromatic, foudre-fermented ales dry-hopped with PNW hops and naturally conditioned with honey. Third Edition notes: dry-hopped with Loral and Palisade. ABV: 5.4% Packaged on May 29, […]