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hyperlocal ingredients - OAK VESSELS - 100% Native Yeast

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Following Skagit County’s advancement to Phase 2 on June 5, 2020, our patio is now open for onsite consumption and our bottle shop remains open for to go sales, as well as curbside pickup and delivery. In all cases, customers are kindly asked to wear masks when not seated at their table, and to maintain proper social distancing of at least 6′ from our team members and from other customers not in their party. We kindly ask that anyone who is not comfortable with these restrictions kindly refrain from patronizing our tasting room and bottle shop at this time.

Delivery and curbside pickup are also available by appointment.

A garden path is a beautiful way to get someplace you may not have expected to go. Our products, the result of blending, aging, and curation, may take you to beautiful places you may not have expected to go but we hope you’ll enjoy.

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Located in the beautiful rural Skagit Valley in Northwest Washington, Garden Path Fermentation makes hyperlocal beer, mead, cider, and wine only using ingredients sourced from our own backyard. We exclusively use Skagit-grown grain, fruit, and honey, Pacific Northwest hops, and ferment all of our products in oak with 100% native Skagit yeast.


While our process is inspired by classic European brewing and winemaking traditions, our products are inspired by our magical valley and everything that grows and thrives in it.

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welcome to our new site!

We weren’t planning on going live with this thing for some time still, but due to the circumstances we have launchd a little early. What does this mean? You get a ton of new features like an online store, delivery and more. What this also means is there could be some kinks that still need to get worked out. Please, bear with us and if you have any issues, give us a shout. Thanks!