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Garden Path’s brewery and tasting room is located at the Port of Skagit in Burlington, WA and is open every Wednesday through Monday from noon to 8pm. We sell our own products and also offer a wide variety of beer, natural wine, and cider on draft and in bottles from some of our favorite producers from around the world—some of which you can only find in our shop!

Garden Path’s tasting room is 21 and over and dog friendly. While we don’t have onsite food service, guests are welcome to bring in their own. We host monthly beer and wine tastings, offer brewery tours on weekends, and throw some other fun special events—check out our events page for more details.

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What's on tap

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our beers

  • The Little Horse Around. 2nd Edition $5.70

    Dry hopped, foudre fermented, lightly bretty table beer.

    ABV: 4.1%

  • The Easygoing Drink. 4th Edition $5.23

    Lightly tart ale fermented in a foudre and finished in stainless steel.

    ABV: 4.2%

  • Ron's Not Bitter. 2nd Edition $5.23

    Our take on a classic English-style bitter made with local ingredients and native yeast.

    ABV: 4.3%

  • The Dry Hopped Streams Well. 3rd Edition $5.70

    Foudre fermented farmhouse ale dry-hopped with Loral and Palisade hops.

    ABV: 5.4%

  • Amber Dreams of Electric Sheep. 2nd Edition $5.70

    Foudre-fermented, oak-matured, malt-accented, native yeast amber ale.

    ABV: 6.0%

  • The Old School The New. 2nd Edition $6.65

    Our take on what IPA once was, using a coolship full of hops co-fermented with native yeast in an open foudre.

    ABV: 6.3%

  • The Wet Hopped Ship. 2019 Edition $6.65

    Freshly picked Skagit-grown Cascade, Comet, and Crystal hops were added to wort in our coolship which was then fermented in an open foudre.

    ABV: 6.5%

  • Our First Take Time. 2018 $7.60

    Our take on what IPA once was, using a coolship full of hops co-fermented with native yeast in an open foudre.

    ABV: 6.6%

  • Our First Take Time. $7.60

    Our take on what IPA once was, using a coolship full of hops co-fermented with native yeast in an open foudre.

    ABV: 6.6%

  • The Curious Mix Methods. 3rd Edition $7.60

    Blend of spontaneously fermented beer with three barrel0aged beers and a young beer made with our house native yeast culture.

    ABV: 6.6%

  • The Subtle Blend: Italian Plums. $10.93

    Mature barrel-aged beer refermented with local Skagit plums.

    ABV: 6.7%

  • The Garden Paths Led to Flowered. 4th Edition $6.65

    Hoppy golden ale, foudre-fermented with native yeast, dry-hopped, and blended with mature barrel-aged beer..

    ABV: 7.1%

  • The Prime Barrel Age. $7.60

    Blend of mature barrel-aged beers.

    ABV: 7.2%

  • The Subtle Blend: Foraged Blackberries. $10.93

    Mature barrel-aged beer refermented with blackberries foraged from the brewery property.

    ABV: 7.3%

our mead / wine / cider

  • The Dry Table Mead. 4th Edition $7.13

    Bone-dry, light, effervescent mead made with fireweed honey from The Valley's Buzz.

    ABV: 5.6%

  • The Local Harvest Secret Apples. $9.50 (10 oz)

    Naturally fermented cider pressed from a secret variety of pink apples.

    ABV: 5%

  • The Local Harvest Madeleine Angevine. 2018 Orange $9.50 (4 oz)

    Skin contact (orange) wine made from locally harvested Madeleine Angevine grapes..

    ABV: 12+%

Guest beers

  • Jester King - Black Metal $7.13 (10 oz)

    Farmhouse imperial stout.

    ABV: 10.4%%

We work hard to keep this list up-to-date, though we aren’t perfect and it could be wrong.