The Subtle Blend Montmorency Barrels.

Type: Beer (refermented with fruit)

Description: A blend of barrel-aged beer refermented  with  fresh, local, whole Montmorency cherries, blended with additional mature, barrel-aged beer, and naturally conditioned with blackberry honey from The Valley’s Buzz.


  • 55% Batch #4, brewed 4/19/18: “Session Tripel”
  • 45% Batch #6, brewed 5/16/18: Foudre-fermented Pilot pils blonde base.

Packaging Date: 7/26/18

Total Volume Packaged: 846 L / 223.8 gal; 6 20-liter kegs; 3 30-liter kegs; 848 750ml bottles

ABV: 7.6%
F.G.: 0.998
IBUs: 14

Grains:  Pilot Pilsner Malt (4. 6), Raw WHite Wheat (4, 6), Raw Estica Wheat (4), Raw Red Wheat (4), Copeland Light Munich Malt (4), Flaked Oats (6), Acidulated Malt (4. 6)  All purchased from Skagit Valley Malting.

Hops: Pacific Northwest Willamette (4), Mount Hood (4), and Perle (6) from Hopsteiner

Other Ingredients: Municipal Water from the Judy Reservoir; Fresh, whole Montmorency cherries from Swanson’s Farm in La Conner, WA, Blackberry Honey from The Valley’s Buzz (for bottle/keg conditioning); our house culture of native Skagit Valley yeast.

Sentence Diagram: