The Old School the New.

Type: Beer

Description: Our take on what IPA once was, using a coolship full of hops co-fermented with native yeast in an open foudre.

Components:Batch #28, brewed 10/11/18: Foudre-fermented “AntIPA”

Packaging Date: 11/7/18

Total Volume Packaged: 1917 L / 507.14 gal; 18 20-liter kegs; 9 30-liter kegs; 1716 750ml bottles

ABV: 7.2%
F.G.: 1.002
IBUs: 63

Grains: Copeland Dark Malt, Copeland Dark 80 Malt, Raw Red Wheat, Acidulated Malt. All purchased from Skagit Valley Malting.

Hops: Pacific Northwest Simcoe Cryo from YCH, Pacific Northwest Whole Flower Santian, Whole Flower Sterling, and Whole Flower Cascade from Indie Hops.

Other Ingredients: Municipal Water from the Judy Reservoir; Blackberry Honey from The Valley’s Buzz (for bottle/keg conditioning); our house culture of native Skagit Valley yeast.

Sentence Diagram: