The Dry Table Mead.

Type: Mead

Description: Dry, light, modest strength mead fermented in oak with our native yeast and Skagit fireweed honey from The Valley’s Buzz

Process: Honey, water, and yeast were mixed together in an open-top 500L oak puncheon.  Prior to the end of fermentation, the mead was racked into kegs, where the remaining sugar fermented, causing natural effervescence to develop.

Ingredients: Municipal Water from the Judy Reservoir; Skagit Fireweed Honey from The Valley’s Buzz; Naturally Cultivated Native Yeast

Packaging Date: 7/12/18

Total Volume Packaged: 120 L / 31.7 gal; 4 30-liter kegs

ABV: 5.6% F.G.: 0.998


Sentence Diagram: