The Dry Table Boysenberry Mead.

boysenberry mead

This effervescent mead was fermented from local fireweedhoney and is exceptionally dry, soft, and elegant, with a healthy dose of second-use Skagit-grown boysenberries added during fermentation contributing a delicate, unexpected hint of fruit. Official mead of Tulip Town, the northwest’s premier tulip farm.  ABV: 5.8% Packaged August 8, 2018 DRY Floral Tart FRUITY

The Dry Table Mead.

the dry table mead

Who says honey has to be sweet? Our meads are dry, light, and modest in strength, fermented in oak with native yeast and fireweed honey from The Valley’s Buzz. Fifth Edition ABV: 5.5% Packaged April 24, 2019 The Dry Table Boysenberry Mead (official mead of Tulip Town).  Notes: refermented on second-use Skagit boysenberries with a […]