Black is Beautiful.

Buy Online Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Otherlands Beer as part of the Black is Beautiful Collaboration Project, this beer was the brainchild of Weathered Souls brewery out of San Antonio Texas, where the recipe was created. This idea was to brew a beer for which all proceeds would go to supporting african […]

Curiouser and Curiouser

Curiouser and Curiouser We are inspired by so many things when it comes to making beer: old-world brewing traditions; the multitude of ingredients that grow in our little valley; our robust house culture of native yeast; subtlety, nuance, and the unexpected; and, ultimately, the magic of fermentation itself. All of the products we make reflect […]

3 Orbits around the Sun.

A barrel-aged, lightly smoked native yeast ale refermented with Skagit Valley tayberries released in honor of our third anniversary! ABV: 4.4% Bottled August 26, 2020 Hoppy Malty Tart Funky

“I’ll have your I.P.A.!”

These were words we continue to hear often from customers coming to check out our brewery for the first time.  We began hearing them when we first opened our tasting room in April, 2018, when we were only serving guest products, while waiting for ours to be ready.  Our attempts to explain that were, more […]