Press Release: The Spontaneous Ferment.

Garden Path Fermentation Releases Their First 100% Spontaneously Fermented Beer, a Single Year Blend

Garden Path Fermentation announces the release of their first 100% spontaneously fermented beer, The Spontaneous Ferment, a single year blend. This special bottle is a blend of three batches of coolship inoculated beers from winter 2018, and brings a depth of different notes: a mild hint of tartness, the rich flavors of Skagit Valley malt, and a thorough but balanced level of native yeast complexities. Bottled in May 2020, The Spontaneous Ferment is finally ready and will be available for sale at Garden Path’s taproom beginning January 2, 2021 as well as throughout the region and beyond. Please visit our online store for local pickup, regional delivery, and in-state shipping or email us to inquire about availability in your area.