A Big Week For New Releases at Garden Path

Last weekend, we tapped a single keg of a test batch that one of our emeritus team members, Matthew Edwards, had made, using Governor Wood cherries from the WSU orchard in Mount Vernon. Though by no means an acid bomb, “The Guvnah” had a bit more overt tartness than most of what we do here at Garden Path Fermentation, and was very well received by those who had the opportunity to taste it. Those who did not have that opportunity, unfortunately, never will, as the keg we had on was the only one we made and that particular rendition isn’t something we can ever recreate. We can’t even show you a picture, because we were too busy sharing and enjoying it for the very brief time it was on to take one and now we can’t. Because it’s gone.

Don’t fret if you missed The Guvnah, though; several more new and exciting Garden Path adventures lie ahead. Currently on draft, you’ll find:

  • the newly released 3rd edition of The Garden Paths Led To Flowered, dry-hopped with whole flower Pacific Northwest Cashmere and Willamette
  • the 2nd edition of The Curious Mix Methods, which blends beer from our first coolship batch–fermented both with and without the addition of our house yeast–with younger barrel and foudre aged beer. We also have this in bottles as of today!
  • another super limited, experimental keg that Matthew made, this time with an absurd amount of cherries that he’d foraged (we don’t know from where), which we’re calling “The Experimental Brew with Matthew’s Secret Cherries”
  • our newest release, Amber Dreams of Electric Sheep–a 6% ABV foudre-fermented, oak matured, malt-accented, native yeast amber ale, that underwent extended bottle & keg conditioning with local blackberry honey.

If that’s not enough to entice you to come our and see us, perhaps this will be. Today also marks the release four brand new Garden Path bottles:

  • The Curious Mix Methods. 2nd Edition – also newly released on draft (see above).
  • The Fruitful Barrel Tayberries & Cherries.
  • The Dry Table Mead. 3rd Edition – bone dry, light, modest strength mead made using local fireweed honey from The Valley’s Buzz, fermented in oak with native yeast. This edition, which fermented at cool ambient temperatures, offers a particularly full honey aroma, combined with an elegant, refreshing, effervescent finish.
  • The Little Horse Around. – oak-fermented, dry-hopped (PNW Santiam) 3.6% ABV table beer that includes a portion of older Brett-accented beer from one of our horizontal foudres. (Label art by Rochelle Fischer)

Finally, in addition to all of our own new releases, we’ve also added plenty of new wine, beer, and cider, both by the bottle and by the glass. For a full list, check out our Tasting Room and Bottle Shop Page.