Meet Our New Team Members

As we get closer to opening—and, yes, we are getting very much closer to opening—we wanted to introduce you to the team members we’ve brought on board to help us grow up better and faster at Garden Path Fermentation. You’ve already met Jason Hansen, our Lead Fermentationist, and Saul Phillips, our Lead Agriculturalist, but here are the people who will be helping them farm and ferment.

Jacob Grisham



As far as we can tell, Jacob has literally all the skills. He’s a former restauranteur and a general contractor, with a love of fermentation and some impressive cider certifications. Right now, he’s acting as our buildout rockstar, making our tasting room more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Soon enough, though, we’ll get him in an orchard taking care of some apples and helping to make some Skagit cider and wine.

Star sign: Aquarius

Character class: Sorcerer

Secret superpower: Shiplap!

Favorite Monkee: Mike Nesmith

Desert island beer: Pacifico


Matthew Edwards


Matthew comes to us with a very strong fermentation background, as a former senior brewer/cellerman at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine; lead brewer at Fremont Brewing in Seattle; and production manager at Kombucha Town in Bellingham. His real passion, though, is agriculture, and we’re excited about his vision for our farm acreage.

Star sign: Gemini

Character class: Cleric

Secret superpower: Ability to subsist entirely on good cheese

Favorite Monkee: Mickey Dolenz

Desert island beer: Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union


Sam Hutchens



Sam has an extensive fermentation background, from several years as a cellerman and vineyard employee at Mount Baker Vineyards in Deming, Washington, to his current position as Assistant Brewer at Stone’s Throw Brewery in Bellingham. He has a wonderful palate and crazy mixed fermentation skills. Sam will be helping us out on the brew deck and in the cellar when he’s not at Stone’s Throw or fishing in Alaska.

Star sign: Gemini

Character class: Druid

Secret superpower: Fish whisperer

Favorite Monkee: Peter Tork

Desert island beer: De La Senne Taras Boulba


Scout Caldwell


Scout is another multitalented individual, with a vast wine and beer retail history and some very amazing art skills. Before moving to Washington, she lived in Santa Cruz, California, where she worked at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales as a beertender and on the packaging team, as well as at Soif, where she honed her wine knowledge. She currently works behind the bar at Skagit’s Bastion Brewery. We’re looking forward to having her in the front of the house, as well as seeing her artwork come to life on our walls and in our merchandise.

Star sign: Aries

Character class: Ranger

Secret superpower: Cat poetry

Favorite Monkee: Davy Jones

Desert island beer: Schlenkerla Helles


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